Sixth Grade Activities

This area has been created to inform 6th graders, their parents, and the entire Brookhaven family and community about special activities and fundraisers for the 2014-2015 school year to support the 6th Grade Outdoor Education program and the End of Year Class party.

Outdoor Education Program

The Outdoor Education Program is a hands-on learning experience where California State Science Standards are taught in a natural setting. Students learn about several eco-systems, geology, biology, and conservation. Held for one week in January, Brookhaven students also meet students from other schools in the district who will attend Tuffree Middle School. The purpose of fundraising for the program is to help defray the cost of this program, which is approximately $450. This cost includes transportation to the camp which is located near Big Bear. The donation dates are: $200 deposit–Oct. 10, $125 payment–Nov. 14 and Final payment to be determined based on fundraising–Jan. 16. Please make all checks payable to Brookhaven PTA.

Principal’s Letter for 6th Grade Students

Contact Information

If you have any questions related to the 6th grade fundraising efforts, please contact Eva Harman at We are in NEED of volunteers to help with all the fundraisers.