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General Information

Preppy K

A developmental Kindergarten Experience has come to our district. To learn about the two-year developmental program. To qualify, a student must be age 5 on or before December 2. For additional information on the district website and district survey regarding the program, click here.

Child Care

Child care is available at Brookhaven, but operated through the district. For information, click here, or call 714-996-0654.

Parking Lot

If you pick up kindergarteners at 11:10 AM, or pick up a child for doctor’s appointments, please park on the street,or in the north parking lot. Teachers and staff need to be able to get into and out of their parking space at different times of the day.


The Valet program allows you to drop off/pick up your students at the curb in front of the school gates. In order for this program to be a success, there are a few important rules to follow:


All students are to be dropped off at the gates for safety reasons. Parents will remain outside the gates.


Every adult who comes on campus must sign in at the office and wear a visitor’s badge.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

Click the button below for information regarding this approach to reading instruction.

Medical Releases

A Pupil who requires an exemption from participation in physical education/physical activity due to illness, injury will need to provide the school with a completed Medical Release for School Activity form. Forms are available in the school office or on the Health Services page of the district website. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • A request by a parent of guardian will be honored up to and including three days.
  • A request by a licensed medical adviser will be honored up to and including five weeks.
  • A request by a physician is necessary for an excuse to exceed five weeks.
  • All requests must state the diagnosis and the length of time the student will ned to be excused.

Items Left at Home

As stated in the Brookhaven Student-Parent Handbook, in an effort to enhance the learning environment and keep distractions to a minimum, homework, instruments, lunches and snacks, etc. will not be delivered to the classrooms. Please remind your students before coming to the school to check for these items.

  • Instruments brought to the office will be placed in the corner of the office for your student to pick up before music class. Please remind your children of this procedure.
  • Homework, books, etc. brought to the office will be placed in the teacher’s box and retrieved by the teacher at his/her convenience.
  • Lunches brought to the office will be placed in a basket and brought out to the lunch tables by the noon supervisors. Please instruct your children to check the basket if they have forgotten their lunch.

Thank you for helping us instill responsibility in our students.