Remote Learning Reminders

Dear Brookhaven Families,
Our Bears have done a great job acclimating to remote learning and all of us at Brookhaven are so proud of their continued efforts! As we move into week 4, we'd like to remind our families of a few of the important indicators of student success:
  • The school day for all of our students (except our Late Bear PK students) begins promptly at 7:50 am and ends at 1:10 pm (for K-2 students) and 1:15 pm (3-6 students).
  • Students are expected to be logged in and ready for learning by 7:50 am. Students need a place to sit and learn that is similar to that which they would have at school. Using a table or desk at home will help students remember that they are participating in school learning with their teacher and classmates. Please avoid having students sit on the couch or their bed while participating in Zoom meetings.
  • During Remote Learning, as during our traditional school model, it is strongly encouraged to have students start their morning with a routine. Beginning the morning with a healthy breakfast and dressing for school are two important parts of a school morning routine. Students should not be eating or snacking during lessons as it is a distraction from their learning.
  • Each teacher at Brookhaven has built breaks into their Zoom class meetings in the form of brain breaks, dance parties, or Go Noodle. Students also get time from 9:45-10:00 am for recess where they can have a snack and get the wiggles out. Students are expected to return to their Zoom meeting at the end of the recess each day. Similarly, lunch is from 11:45 am - 12:30 pm daily and students should return to class at the end of this time and remain in the Zoom meeting until the end of their school day.
We greatly applaud and appreciate our families working with us as a team to help our students successfully navigate remote learning.
One School, One Community, One Family
Mrs. Lucas