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Parking Lot Procedures

In order to keep students safe and improve our drop-off and pick up procedures, some important changes have been made to our parking lot procedures. 


Carefully read the instructions below: 



  • PLEASE NOTE: There is now only ONE entrance to our campus. This entrance is on Brookhaven Ave. The Bastanchury entrance is now an EXIT only drive. 
  • Students walking to school on Brookhaven Ave MUST walk on the sidewalk on the
    OPPOSITE side of the street from the school. There should be no pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk in front of the the school. Please use the crosswalk on Bastanchury and Brookhaven to gain access to the opposite side of the street. Then walk to the crosswalk in front of Kindergarten to safely cross the street and enter campus safely on foot. We are doing this to prevent any pedestrians from crossing in front of any cars entering and exiting our parking lot. 
  • VISITOR and PARENT parking is available in the Bastanchury lot. The lot directly in front of the school is for staff, handicap, and two short-term visitor spots. There are additional stalls marked visitor in the Bastanchury side lot. 
  • Any unmarked parking stall is for parents and visitors. All numbered or otherwise designated stalls are reserved for STAFF only. Thank you for your support in this. We have staff arriving throughout different times during the day and their spots must be reserved for them. 
  • Turning in from Brookhaven Ave, there is NOT just ONE but TWO turn in lanes. If you are dropping off for Preppy K or need to park in the Bastanchury lot, please stay to the right and immediately turn right upon entering the parking lot. 
  • If you are dropping off (or picking up) through valet, stay in the right lane and pull as far forward as possible to an available spot to drop off your child. This may be in front of the kindergarten building. It is important that students be prepared to exit the car on the right side only, against the curb. 
  • There is no valet service in the Staff front parking lot therefore students need to be dropped off in the front of the school, not in the Staff parking lot in front of the school. 
  • The staff parking lot in front of the school should not be entered during drop off and pick up times of the school day. This lot is for staff parking only, short-term visitors and handicap. 
  • The left lane in front of the school is for thru traffic only. 



  • Brookhaven Ave. Lot: There are two lanes exiting this lot. They are both RIGHT TURN ONLY.
    Alternate exiting the lot as needed to make the right turn onto Brookhaven Ave. 
    LOT FROM BASTANCHURY AVE. It is also a RIGHT TURN ONLY when exiting.